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In no profession is the saying "He who pays the piper, calls the tune" more apt than government. - Times

Major Contributors to Angel Pilago's Hawaii County Mayoral Campaign

Name Total
Address Reported
Money trail
Young, Jessie Colin $4,000 Holualoa Self, Musician/Philanthropist Company website
Ilagan, Lito $2,868.75 Kailua-Kona Retired Accountant Filipino Organization of Kona, Executive Committee, Exec. Chairman
Causey, Terry $2,000 Kailua-Kona Self, Marine Services The Charter Locker
Outer Voices supporter
Hutchings, Jack $2,000 Hawi Self, Securities Investor Musician
Kohala Community Resource Center supporter
Magoon, Keoki $2,000 Kamuela Self, Real Estate Waimea property developer
Robertson, Ian $2,000 Santa Monica, CA Self, Architect was land use attorney
Robertson Company
Ford, Larry $1,500 Captain Cook Retired, Contract Mgr-Pacific Bell Brenda Ford's husband
Baggs, Flynn $1,000 Kailua-Kona Self, Landscaper -
Blackburn, Tom $1,000 Kailau-Kona Retired, Doctor of Psychology Hawaii Community Foundation supporter
Gentry's Kona Marina, R $1,000 Kailua-Kona Self, Bldg & Harbor Mgmt Company website
Ghalamfarsa, Ali $1,000 Kailua-Kona Self, Property Mgmt Ali'i Architects website
Hanson, Jay-Phyllis $1,000 Kailua-Kona Retired, Computer Engineer
was on Kailua Village Design Commission Interview
Hoffmann, Peter $1,000 Waikoloa - County Council Chair
Hyman, Leon $1,000 Kailua-Kona - Doctor
Tama, George $1,000 Holualoa Retired Counselor Hawaii County Democrats, District 6, Precinct 6, President
Woodward, Lesley $1,000 Kailua-Kona Self, Gemologist -

Raw data are presented here. Changes since the last report are shown in brown.